Do you have any opinion on what’s going on at Basecamp?

I’ve always thought of Basecamp as a quasi-indie company because of their approach to things (the rebuttal of the unicorn culture, the focus on quality of life, on what a company should be and so on), so it was weird to see the huge number of people that is leaving the company.

I’ve read this recap, which seems quite clear (maybe a little bit biased, but not that much IMO); I‘ve always felt that discussing politics and society in general, as well as books, music and culture, is a good thing in order to breath fresh life every now and then.

Maybe I’m biased, but Basecamp is not the company I would have bet would have put this kind of policy.

Do you have any opinion?

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Davide Vernizzi

Fullstack dev with 15 years of experience. Now working on an open source authentication framework. Prior I earned a Ph.D in computer security