Here I agree only to some extent. The fact that Android is open source, doesn't mean that Android is free software (ad in "you can take the code, modify, distribute, and so on").

Indeed Android it nothing like that. It's very difficult to *actually* do any of that. For most of the people running Android means running the version that the phone OEM provides them with, and they will never enjoy the freedom that open source promises.

To be honest I started reducing my dependency on Google services when I saw a few thing on how YouTube twists children minds to make them more dependent ( and I started questioning how far would go a company that is already the leader-de-factor is willing to increase its dominant position.

So, again, for me Google is a big no unless there is no other alternative. As I wrote, Apple is evil and bad a villan, but the alternative is worse (again, for me).

But it's true that there is no a perfect solution.

Fullstack dev with 15 years of experience. Now working on an open source authentication framework. Prior I earned a Ph.D in computer security

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