I agree on most of that. Everyone have to choose the stack they are most comfortable with.

I have a decade of Linux in my past and moving away from open source really was a difficult step. However I have always felt I was more productive on the Mac.

My *real* issue is with Android, and not for ease of use or functionality, but because I simply try to use free stuff as little as possible (free as in "it costs no money".. of course free software is great, in principle). So Google is ruled out unless there is really no other alternatives. So Android is not an option, since iOS is equally useful and powerful.

Money-wise, I understand that Apple products costs much more and often time it's not justified, but I also have very little expenses and I live a simple life. I usually buy a computer every 8-10 years and a phone every 4, so I'm fine spending a little more and keeping it a little longer.

But, again, it's my two cents, and my own stack. Everyone should choose its own. I think that the most important part of the post is that there is the concept of "acceptable evil", which means that computers field sucks nowadays and we are often forced to choose between the bad and the worst. An acceptable evil, indeed.

Fullstack dev with 15 years of experience. Now working on saasform.dev an open source authentication framework. Prior I earned a Ph.D in computer security

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